This year’s 2019 CT - Junior Olympic Championships will take place on
Saturday May 11th at
the Boys & Girls Club, 90 Fairfield Ave., Stamford, Ct 06902
And will be graciously hosted by
Montalvo’s Boxing and sponsored by the
Charter Oak Boxing Academy (COBA) & USA Boxing.

* Weigh-Ins will be from 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm and the bouts will start at 6pm

* Teams must weigh in with in the 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm time frame or they will not be
allowed to officially compete in the tournament.

* Boxers must make scratch weight or move up to the higher weight class.
There will be no weight allowance.

* “Age of Eligibility” will be determined by
the age a boxer is in Calendar Year 2019

* The “THE FIVE BOUT RULE” is in effect in order for
a boxer to proceed, a Boxer must have five bouts
“ENTERING” the State Tournament to proceed to the
Region One Championships. A Boxer who enters with
four bouts and has their fifth during the
tournament cannot proceed. Unfortunately this
is a national rule.

There will be “NO BOX-OFF” with the NE LBC this year so
boxers with five bouts or more who win or walk-over
their divisions will proceed to the Regional Championship
in Lake Placid as a member of the CT J.O. Championship Team
The Region One Championship takes place June 7-9.

Coaches please Text and/or E-mail me your J.O. Boxers
(who have five or more bouts) names, ages & weighs IMMEDIATELY
at: 860-918-2844 and or johnnycallas@cobaboxing.net
so the boxers' info can be forwarded to the Regional Director
who will start making arrangements for Lake Placid.
Most of our Open J.O.s (greater than 5 bouts) will be
un-contested. Thank you!

* Boxers will be divided into Open (five bouts or more)
and Novice (zero to four bouts classes) for this
tournament. Only the OPEN boxers will advance.

As many non-championship J.O. bouts as possible will be made
to give our J.O. Boxers much needed experience.

If Coaches can send me their list of J.O. Boxers
as well as their ages and weights, ASAP, it will
be helpful in establishing our Championship
Team (as many won’t have contested bouts) and
we can try to pre-match, un-contested classes
into special bouts. Coaches can agree to make non-championship
bouts according to the USA Boxing Rules for Match Making.

Those boxers competing in the Junior Olympic Championship
will be matched according to the following AGE classes:

* PEE-WEE: 8, 9 & 10 years old. (Can go directly to
Nationals in Madison Wisconsin June 22-29)

BANTAM: 11 & 12 years old

INTERMEDIATE: 13 & 14 years old

JUNIOR: 15 & 16 year old

(For example: Bouts made for the JO CHAMPIONSHIP means
a 15 year old boxer can only compete with boxers
who are 15 or 16)

* YOUTH: 17-18 (Not part of our J.O. Tournament
and can go directly to Nationals in Madison
Wisconsin June 22-29)

We encourage all divisions from Pee Wee to Junior
to participate in our 2019 CT - USA BOXING
J.O. CHAMPIONSHIPS. As we have traditionally done
all boxers who enter and are “Walk Over” Champions
will receive a medal and those who compete in a
contested class will receive “Champion & Runner-Up
Boxers who have non-tournament bouts will also
receive trophies. As stated we will also attempt to
make as many matches as possible for those
J.O. boxers who are Walk-Overs.
Boxers who make the CT- USA Boxing J.O. Team and
Coaches who plan on staying at the Olympic Training
Center June 7-9 are required to provide an E-mail
address. The Olympic Training Center does all the paperwork
over the computer now.
CT USA Boxing will be paying the majority of costs for
its boxers and assigned team coaches to stay at the
Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY
The J.O. National Championships will take place in
Madison Wisconsin June 22-29.

For the Kids,

Johnny Callas

Johnny “Coach” Callas MSW, CT-USA Boxing J.O. Chairman