Annual Athlete Physicals Required as of June 1, 2016

The FORM is available for download in the FORMS section. The pdf name is usabmedicalcertificate6.1.2016

USA Boxing understands that some LBCs are not collecting annual physicals on athlete members. We are implementing a mandate for annual athlete physicals based upon current Technical and Competition Rules and dictated by our insurance providers. Beginning June 1, 2016, all athlete members shall have proof of a current physical in their passbook to be able to compete in USA Boxing sanctioned events.

Attached is a USA Boxing Medical Certificate which may be filled out by the doctor and returned to the LBC. Also accepted will be High School Sports Physical forms or any form/document of this nature utilized by your family physician. If you use a form other than the USA Boxing Medical Certificate, please have your physician fill out the “Fit to Box” portion (bottom of page 3) and attach to the form your physician used.

USA Boxing appreciates the financial implications associated with requiring annual athlete physicals. We have conducted research in many different areas of the country and found that many cities have programs that offer very low-cost or no-cost athlete physicals. For example, all students in Detroit Public Schools receive free annual athlete physicals.

CVS drugstores provide the physicals for $59.00 per athlete. In a sampling of large and small towns across the U.S. sport physicals are available for less than $60. Most Urgent Care providers advertise sports physicals with little to no wait time for as low as $30 each. And most insurance plans do cover an annual physical as part of “well-care” or preventive medical check-up.

Many LBCs have stated they will set up dates and invite ringside physicians to perform the athlete physicals for a small fee or in some cases, no fee. There may be other options within your community and LBC or you may have an excellent idea you can share that will help other LBCs get the annual physicals accomplished.