For those of you, who may be new members, Welcome to Connecticut USA Boxing. My Name is Heather Concepcion; I am your Registration chair for the state of Connecticut.

I can be reached any time via email at Feel free to send me a text message at 860-503-5929 or call me in the evenings after 6:30PM. Please be advised that a return email, return callback, or a text back could take up to 48 hours. Please do not repeatedly call me if I don’t answer; there usually is a reason.

Registration 2017:

The CT LBC has been able to keep the fees for the same for the 2017 year for athlete, non-athlete, and gym registrations.
Athletes: $53.00 Non-Athletes: 88.00 Gyms: $203.00
*Non Athletes pay for the background check every two years (additional $35.00) Effective 2017 USAB Colorado will run the background checks annually.

New Books / Renewals

For the 2017 year, I will NOT be making books at shows. However, if you give me 72 hour notice I can pre-make the book for your athlete. I do know sometimes that matches are made in the last minute and I will work with you on that. Please also note that I may not be able to attend every show in the upcoming year. I will always try to arrange the books to get to the show with another official, this is not a guarantee.

For me to pre-make a book, Please send me a text at 860-503-5929 with a screen shot or your athletes membership card, a screen shot of either their passport identification page or birth certificate, & a screen shot of the athletes physical.

For Renewals, you must have your 2017 membership card stapled in the front of your book. This is your only proof of registration. This goes for Athletes AND Non-athletes.

No Book, No Box & No Physical, No Box

Very Important!

For 2017 please notate that there will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS if you do not have your Athlete Book in hand at weigh in and if there is no physical to accompany your book. Your books are your responsibility; there will no more pages ripped out of books in the 2017 year. This will be strictly enforced.

The physicals are required for insurance purposes. Also, please note it is not my responsibility to keep your physicals on record. I would advise when you get your physical, make a couple copies in the event you lose your book. We will no longer be able to accept the “Agh, it’s a home, I know where it is, Agh my coach has it” Do not attempt to weigh in without it, you will be turned away.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you in the upcoming year!

Heather Concepción

If you do not have your user name or password, I cannot lookup or reset. Please call Member Services at 719-866-2323